Who we are


Commitment Living is located on Cape Cod.  We provide a clean, safe and secure environment. The goal we have set is to provide the best possible housing for those beginning their sober transition back into the community. We begin with structure, understanding and guidance. We set high expectations for our residents that they must consistently meet in order to be successful in our housing. Additionally, we offer counseling on-site and encourage residents to attend counseling outside the house.



"Commitment Living has played a crucial role in my recovery to this point!  I left treatment with very little - I was new in my sobriety and new to Cape Cod.  They gave me the freedom to seek gainful employment, gave me an opportunity to receive much - needed counseling, and gave me a structured, substance free environment to return to everyday.  I came to view it as my home for the 10+ months I lived there, and made friendships there that endure to this day.  I return and am welcomed often, to an atmosphere where recovery is placed at the forefront, and where people can gain strength and confidence through the fellowship that exists there.  - A. B.

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