"Finding a safe, comfortable and well structured recovery house is not always easy to find.  After hearing reviews of Commitment Living from other recovery addicts, and how it was very beneficial to their recovery, decided that it would provide me with the best services, and most comfortable and safe living conditions of any houses on Cape Cod.  I was more than satisfied when arriving and felt an immediate sense of relief.  The counseling, structured environment, and camaraderie were exactly what I needed to get me on my feet and progress in my recovery.  Commitment Living gave me the opportunity to become a productive member of society again and thrive in both my personal life and my recovery.  I have stayed at Commitment Living for almost a year now and have recently been honored with running the house I grew in.  I cannot begin to explain everything Commitment Living has done for me and the gratitude I have for the company.  They continue to raise the standards in living conditions and services a recovery house can provide.  I can honestly say I would not be where I am today without Commitment Living." -R.M. III


"I stayed at my sober house for a much needed 10 months.  It was one of the best choices I've ever made.  I needed the structure and the meetings in the house to continue with my recovery.  The guys I have met in the house, as well as Commitment Living, are a huge part in my recovery.  The houses are extremely clean and they are always on the ball if we need anything.  In many other sober houses it is strictly business, but Commitment Living actually cares and will listen and help you with anything that is going on.  I owe a big part of my recovery to Commitment Living and am grateful I got this opportunity." -B.N. 


"I’d like to take this moment and express my heartfelt gratitude and thanks to the entire staff at Commitment Living Inc.  My experience at [your] Sober House was both humbling and rewarding with consistent direction in the form of recovery groups, chores and positive social interaction. I learned valuable information about, “what it means to live sober” and how to hold onto this very delicate and intangible gift, “one day at a time.” With the help of staff and the comradery of the other clients, I was able to find my way again! I came to the Commitment Living Community with a trail of court issues and a litany of personal problems which staff continually helped me with. Whether it was letters for my lawyer, drug testing results for my probation officer, or paperwork for the judge, staff made sure to always accommodate my needs in a timely manner. It’s been several years since I moved out of the Commitment living sober house community and into my own apartment, but I will always remember and cherish my days at the [Sober] House’…'It’s a great advantage not to drink among hard drinking people.' ― F. Scott Fitzgerald" Sincerely, G.L.   ‘30 months sober’