What we do

The rehabilitation phase of recovery is difficult because residents are forced to quickly relearn how to live a sober life. Each house is run by a manager who oversees the program's integrity. In addition to the house managers, we have two general managers who supervise all properties and ensure that they are operating at the uncompromising standards Commitment Living has dedicated itself to.

As a resident in our housing, Commitment Living provides access to a medical director for consultations.  We hope our residents will feel comfortable with us and we do this by providing many features they may need as they start over.  This includes counseling in each house.  There are three in house meetings per week which include group therapy along with Alcoholics Anonymous/Narcotics Anonymous commitments. There is also a requirement for residents to attend five meetings for outside fellowship. Additionally, Commitment Living can set up one on one counseling for residents if desired. Residents are also required to have a sponsor who can help them down the path of sobriety.   

For more information on our housing and policies, please contact us.